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The result of the teachings of Jesus Christ - AFTER being put into PRACTICAL APPLICATION - is much more convincing than the words.

Below is some profound food for thought. It is a lot to digest. You may want to read it more than once.

When we realize what the implications of a RISEN SAVIOR really mean - that death is an illusionary concept believed as real - and that HEAVEN IS HERE NOW, the possibilities are literally staggering.

It takes great SPIRITUAL COURAGE to do the will of our Lord. Spiritual courage comes via the Holy Spirit, within the Kingdom of God, and by our willingness to surrender “the flesh and its perceived needs” in favor of SPIRIT, which has no needs and wants but only to be the extension of love. This world is a temporary place with a seemingly permanent problem.


The belief that death is real and that we are separate from God. Jesus Christ demonstrated the unreality of death to HIS DISCIPLES at HIS RESURRECTION.


We are not separated eternal bodies. Jesus Christ is an Eternal Spirit. Your “spiritual side” is within the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God is “within you!” Outer worship of Jesus Christ shows your gratitude to Jesus Christ for His Atonement. However, how much greater the outer worship once you realize His Holy Spirit resides within the Kingdom of God and HIS KINGDOM is within you - your mind!


Our mind has been taught to believe many falsities. When “true perception” starts to dawn on us we have a hard time believing it. This disbelief is sleep. Everyone is sleeping and does not realize it. “A sleep fell on Adam”. But nowhere does it say he woke up.

Realization of sleep dawns of its own accord by our willingness to PRACTICE and FOLLOW the teachings of the blessed Lord Jesus Christ.


He teaches us that we have eternal life - in Him. He teaches us that we can never die. He teaches us to love the ones we hate and to love the ones who hate us. He teaches us that to experience eternal life we must become as little children - totally dependent on our Father in heaven for all our “perceived needs.”


He teaches us that what we are searching for in this world is - within us. The knowledge of eternal life in Christ Jesus can and will only be recognized within the Kingdom of God within you - your mind. This world is temporary -until we accept Jesus Christ’s Atonement for what we DO NOT KNOW.


We are not asking what you “believe”. We are asking what you KNOW? The answer is that we, you and I, KNOW NOTHING. Jesus knows this…

He said wisdom comes from knowledge - “knowing the Truth.” This knowledge is imparted to us through His Holy Spirit that is within the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ Resurrected to the Kingdom of God. BUT TO KNOW THIS - WE MUST LOVE OUR ENEMIES!

Now you can see the complete contradiction of calling ourselves “Christians” and okaying the killing of our brothers in war. This insanity is a result of Jesus Christ’s teachings being replaced with King James’ “false-inferences.”

Jesus Christ Resurrected 2000 years ago - within the Kingdom of God - your mind - so we can experience the Kingdom of Heaven which can only truly be understood after the disciple of the Risen Christ accepts Jesus’ Atonement.



Of course, it does appear that way UNTIL you PRACTICE what Jesus Christ taught. Unconditional forgiveness releases judgment and restores your mind to sanity. A sane mind realizes the insanity of believing in a God who made something, only to let it die, so that it can live again.

Life is life. Death - were it real - would mean the opposite of life. How can life begin after death? The false belief that eternal life stems from a bodily death, is the world you currently see. However, Jesus Christ teaches us that we are blind, and deaf. He teaches YOU, RADICAL SEEKER - HIS DISCIPLE - that we are experiencing a world that in reality does not exist eternally. Why would Jesus Christ teach HIS DISCIPLES to let the dead bury the dead, unless He knew death was not real? Or, you must leave mother, father, brother, sister for my sake. These are statements made by a Master of Consciousness who KNEW this world is UNREAL.

Accepting Christ’s Atonement is how we reconcile His teachings with our current unbelief. We do not believe that He is here and that He can hear us because we are afraid of Him due to our false beliefs about Him and what He taught HIS DISCIPLES.

Imagine Peter, James and John joining the military and going to war to kill their enemies. We, as Christians MUST see the hypocrisy in supporting the belief that we can harm our imagined enemies, or “send others” to do so and still enter the Kingdom of Heaven Jesus Christ gave HIS life for.

Common sense tells us that the DISCIPLES of Christ Jesus have learned how to love their enemies! We are afraid of anyone we do not love.

Jesus’ crucifixion was His example of unconditional forgiveness, and He is asking HIS DISCIPLES for this type of love for everyone - under far less extreme circumstances.

He has Risen and the belief in death is not sane due to our Savior’s resurrection from the dead. “And the last to be overcome will be death.” Of course! Without death what is the purpose of this world?

In closing, get alone, go into your prayer/meditation closet and BESEECH Christ to reveal Himself to you and He will. He is not hidden because we are hiding behind false beliefs about Him.

Of course the teachings of Jesus Christ are foolishness to anyone who believes that they must die a physical death to experience the Kingdom of Heaven.

He went to the cross to prove unconditional 70 x 7 forgiveness is always an appropriate response to evil in any form. Forgive your imagined enemies until they no longer bother you, and you WILL experience Christ’s Atonement.


The closer you get to truth the more incessant the doubt. This is due to the “unbelievableness” of what Jesus Christ taught.

This is one of the most important concepts that you will have to understand. YOU NEED TO DO NOTHING!

A RADICAL SEEKER or DISCIPLE OF CHRIST is one who has tried the ways of the world and found them ALL wanting. One who has become aware that the Kingdom of God is in fact within their current consciousness. Realizing this, the RADICAL SEEKER or DISCIPLE now turns their attention to the promises Jesus taught that HIS DISCIPLES would receive for LOVING THEIR (perceived) ENEMIES.

He told them that they would inherit the KINGDOM of their FATHER which is HEAVEN. Heaven has been described as a peace of mind that surpasses all intellectual understanding.

Jesus Christ also teaches HIS DISCIPLES that they can never die. This of course is unbelievable. The bible calls it foolishness. By practicing UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS of everyone ALL THE TIME, the mind is restored to its original condition. It’s original condition is without fear - of any kind. This renewed mind as the bible calls it, becomes as if being Born Again.

The reason modern day Christians do not understand - and thus do not put into PRACTICAL APPLICATION - the teachings of Jesus, is because they do not make any REAL attempt to LOVE their perceived enemies. Because, through no fault of their own they were not taught.

The reason they were not taught is because they, the teachers themselves, did not know. And, the reason they did not know is due to their belief that they had to die to experience the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN to see Jesus. This is due to a misconception of Who Jesus Christ is and WHAT Jesus Christ teaches.

He teaches that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is HERE NOW and you cannot die. King James’ bible had us blindly believing that Jesus Christ is not fully accessible now and that only after a physical death will we have the opportunity to meet Him. The second coming of Jesus is the resurrection of Christ within the Kingdom of God, and the “Kingdom of God is within YOU - your mind!”

He is within you in a very literal sense, as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Voice for Christ. He will direct you and you will come to have more faith in Him as you LISTEN for Him. Of course, as has been explained in the text of RADICAL SEEKER, this is all unbelievable and can only be experienced by a willingness to have your mind renewed by Unconditional Forgiveness. Thus, you have NO ENEMIES.

Grace comes into the mind that has been willing to go beyond how the body feels about Unconditional Forgiveness and lets the mind decide its actions and not the body.

We have let the body decide our actions and this feeling is a symptom of fear. The feeling that is being referred to herein is a feeling of “uneasiness” whereby we do something to make the body feel better never with the realization that the mind is where the change needs to take place and not in the outer world.

Here is an example. Suppose you feel “guilty” about something you said. Something you did. Or, just the feeling of uneasiness in general due to life’s circumstances. You then try to get rid of the feeling of guilt the best way you know how. You may, for example, overcomplicate and try by “thinking” to alleviate the syptoms of the guilt. Of course, this does not work because the mind is sick that believes the feeling of guilt is real. People use drugs, alcohol, organized religion, work, pornography, good, gambling, etc to try to eliminate guilt which is a feeling that is a fabricated feeling.

Our Father created not guilt, fear, or any thought that produces uneasiness. We made it up to keep the body dictating our actions and this need not be.

We must come to realize that our DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS is in a state of eternal grace. This, too, is realized by our willingness to love first ourselves and then one another. Grace is unmerited divine assistance given to YOU, RADICAL SEEKER - A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST through the Holy Spirit. Grace is approval, favor, mercy and pardon.

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